GME Stone Colouring

GME Stone Colouring is the unique marriage of the durability and versatility of artificial stone with the aesthetic qualities of the original natural stone

About GME Stone Colouring


  • Available in a full spectrum of colors
  • hanges the color of the surface and the inside of the stone
  • Has excellent water absorption resistance and damp-proof qualities
  • Is immune to freezing and thawing
  • Has strong acid and alkali resistance
  • Can be used for floors, walls, countertops and more….
  • In the process of achieving Internationally patent

Intertek Test (Aug. 2006)

UV Exposure
  • Xenon Arc (200 hrs)
  • No colour change, cracking or other evident damages to samples
Spot Test
  • ABA Laundry soap, PH 3 HCI, Liquid Bleach (1hrs)
  • No Stain or discolouring
Thermal Cycling 
  • 1hr @ 20 ± 2°C, 6hrs @ 60 ± 2°C, 17hrs @ -30 ± 2°C (5cycles)
  •  No effects observed


Patent List

  • Manufacturing Method For Color Granite Boards and Coloring Composition Therefor
Patent process
  • Korean Patent (2010. 5)
  • PCT International Patent Application In Progress
Other GME’s Patents
  • Method And Apparatus For Treating Waste Materials
  • Building Board Using Sand and Manufacturing Method Thereof