Our Technologies


GME Stone Colouring

Not Only changes the surface color but also the inside of granite in a full spectrum of colors. And can be used for floors, walls, countertops and more.


GME New-Eco Technology

Using GME’s ceramic technology and marbling technology, high-value products such as artificial marble are manufactured from recycled waste. First of all it prevents the secondary pollutants by using 100% sludge.


GME Sand Stone

An artificial sand stone use both river and sea sand, as well as desert sand, which has not been utilized at all before. In particular, it is an environmental-friendly product that uses 100% nature minerals(No Cement).

What they say about us

It’s a fantastic accident in the environmental aspect in that they can Make high-value products such as artificial marble by using 100% sludge without secondary release of pollutants.

Gary J. Matson – Architect

They can change the colour of the natural granite stone to the customer’s choice and satisfaction. This is a new colour revolution of natural stone industries for furniture and interior design.

Peter Kim – Four Season Furniture

It is very interesting to make an environmental-friendly product by using 100% natural minerals (no cement) with the desert and sea sand.

Brendan Shields – Building materials supplier